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PEYOTE – Elder Button 5 to 6 cm Lophophora Williamsii


Healthy Elder Peyote button 5 to 6 cm diameter

At 5 cm a peyote button is about 5 years old.

Lophophora williamsii is the famous magic cactus worshipped as a god by the native peoples of the deserts of southern USA and Mexico.

When your plant matures, so it blooms with a beautiful flower and also after that it can produces a fruit with some seeds (if conditions are right).

We will send your new friend with the best care and as discreetly as possible. 

Postage and packing of live plants costs £5 per order. 

This cost can be combined if you buy multiples. 

We have a wide range of peyote available in different sizes and some growing in clusters.

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How to care for your new Peyote (lophophora williamsii)

Peyote buttons are a small spineless cactus from the southern USA and Mexico.  This button was grown in the UK from a seed and not taken from the wild.

They are pretty easy to care for, unfortunately you can kill them with kindness. They need very little water.

If your button looks happy in their pot.  You can just start enjoying your new friend.  We suggest by giving him/her a name. Or if you prefer to repot, a shallow terracotta bowl with good drainage holes is best.  They like a free draining, mainly mineral soil that’s slightly alkaline. Sand, gravel, grit, pumice and DRY topsoil are good to be mixed up as a substrate. Just find a combination that won’t hold water against the roots for too long.

They can get sun burned from over exposure to intense sunshine, especially if they’ve got used to living in a cooler location, so try for partial shade or dappled sun. If you have them in a greenhouse then a thin sheet of white muslin can protect them from the harshest rays.
They can survive temperatures of 45C with a breeze and -5C for a short while as long as they are DRY!! If they get cold and damp they will probably start to rot.
They thrive on neglect! Water them maybe once every 2-3 weeks from the end of April to September. Outside these times they will become dormant and not drink much, so don’t water them at all! They can be misted lightly once a month as they can absorb some water through their skin, but too much will cause rot. Try to keep them in the coolest room in the house over winter so they can sleep. If they are in a centrally heated room over winter they will start to stretch out, looking for the sun that isn’t there. This is called etiolation and it’s not good.

They will flower from 3-4 years of age, maybe several times per season. Peyote are self- fertile, so one plant can produce viable seeds! When they flower GENTLY wriggle a cotton bud or soft artists paint brush inside the flower to imitate the action of pollenating insects.
The fruit can be eaten, it’s sweet and tasty, however it’s tiny, like a 1cm pink sausage, so remove the seeds first before you eat it, so you can sow them. Please note the fruit is NOT psychoactive and its perfectly safe to eat.

Our peyote are sold as ornamental plants for decorative purposes.

Our peyote are available in different sizes and growing in clusters.


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