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Gillette Shaving Foam Stash Can



Keep your money safe in this Gillette designed stash can!

– Tight Smell-Proof Seal
– Secret storage capacity: 100 ml/3,38 fl oz
– Weight: 217 g/7,65 oz
– Height: 153 mm/6,02 in
– Screw-On Bottom Cap
– Does not contain foam

Out of stock

The original Gillette Secret Storage Can is altered with such attention to detail that no one will notice that it actually has a secret chamber instead of foam on the inside. It will blend in wherever you place it, the bathroom cabinet, shower or toiletry bag when you travel. It is even weighted to feel full, which makes it a perfect decoy. The secret compartment closes with a secure screw-on seal to protect the contents. A perfect hiding stash storage to camouflage whatever item you’d like to keep unnoticed. It does not contain any foam.


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