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CBD Hash Pollen By Plant Of Life – 1 Gram.

SOLID 3.8%

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CBD Solid is a product that has been subjected to exhaustive laboratory analyzes certified by the CTAEX.  It contains 3.8% CBD and its level of THC * is minimal, so it does not produce any psychoactive effects. Making it ideal for vaporisation.

Plant Of life 3.8% solid is an all-natural product, manufactured from 100% organic EU approved hemp strains. Our CBD Solid is made by combining our CO2 extracted CBD with the flavour terpenes of the original strain.

-3.8% CBD solid
-1G total unit
-THC <0.2%
-Non-psychoactive product
-Independently lab tested by CTAEX

Contents: 1g fine hashish,100% cannabis sativa extract.

Do not to exceed the stated recommended daily dose .
This products should be stored out of the reach of young children.

These incredible Solid resin Hash come with 3.8% CBD content per gram and real cannabis terpenes.

* May contain traces of THC. In no case does it exceed the established legal limit of 0.2% The portion of the product recommended for daily consumption.


Reference CBDSAM


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